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I would just like to pass on a few words to future shooters and experience shooters.

I have been lucky to train with Christian Pullano on a number of occasions. I earned my NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Pistol Instructors, and my Range Safety Officer Credentials With Christian. I have trained with many instructors over the years but I have to say after training with Christian Pullano, he is probably one of the top instructors in the country .

When he instructs he commands the room. He is closely watching every single person in the room to make sure you are understanding his instruction. He realizes that he has experienced people and inexperienced people in the class .The entire time in the classroom or on the range he pushes SAFETY, SAFETY AND SAFETY. All he asks if you take one of his classes is to be open minded. Even if you are the most experience shooter in the class and if your open mined you will learn new things from him.

I have also taken his DEFENSIVE SHOOTING DRILLS class twice . These classes are important in my opinion to anyone who has a CCW permit. Christian trains you in stressful situations so you develop a strong mindset on your situational awareness And most important SAFETY, SAFETY, AND SAFETY .

I recommend If you are a new shooter or an experience shooter you consider taking a class with him.           

                                    -  Michael O'Neil VP of the RI 2nd Amendment Coaliton  


When my house was broken into and all of my private possessions stolen or destroyed by thieves who knew I lived alone, I was ready to move out of Massachusetts.

That was when a friend introduced me to Christian's classes and even volunteered to sit through a course with me so I could become familiar with firearms and comfortable enough to reclaim my sense of security.

I cannot say enough about how kind, thoughtful and understanding Christian was during the classes I took with him.

Not only did he help me master the firearm I chose to purchase, but he also familiarized me with firearms in general and made me feel as if I was finally back in control of my life.

Christian - you truly are a life saver and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do, and for who you are.

Michele - Massachusetts

Rhode Island

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"The beauty of  the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."

-Thomas Jefferson

2nd Amendment Coalition

The RI 2nd Amendment Coalition is Proud to

Introduce Our Official Training Instructor


I have been a member of the "shooting community" for nearly my entire life. When the opportunity presented itself for me to take a class under the instruction of Christian Pullano, I decided "What the heck, what can I lose?"

I've become physically disabled in my older years, and was definitely concerned that this may be an issue with the instruction in the "range portion" of the class. I could not have been more wrong. Christian listened to me as I described by limitations and he adapted his interaction with me in a manner that made me feel as if I was being treated the same as everyone else in the class.

Christian's demeanor and methodologies in the classroom as well as on the live-fire range are incredibly sensitive to the various learning styles of everyone in the class, they place the utmost importance on safety and safe handling of all firearms, and they are constructively administered in a manner where you can have fun while you learn.

He's definitely the kind of guy who enjoys his corny jokes, but that kept everyone at ease and comfortable with his style.  Never once was I intimidated - even with my physical limitations.  He made the entire class feel like equals and never once made anyone feel as if they did something "wrong."

I highly recommend Christian's classes to anyone interested in honing their skills, or even if you are just starting out with the shooting sports. You will absolutely be satisfied with what you learn, and what you get from the class as you work in a group with others.  I've been with other instructors, but Christian Pullano is now my exclusive instructor - there are none better.

Patrick B. - Rhode Island

 Christian brings decades of experience with him to the Coalition offering complete, full service training programs. Outside of Christian's extensive career experience, he brings the highest level of National Rifle Association Certification that is currently available; NRA Training Counselor.

He is also the Official NRA Regional RTV (Refuse To be a Victim) Instructor.

Christian can also certify individuals to become Certified NRA Instructors

Popular CCW Classes offered; 

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida and Utah State Concealed Weapons Certifications for those who are seeking to obtain CCW permits.

NRA Training Counselor

 Christian also provides the following NRA and non-NRA Courses;

- Concealed Carry Courses

- Low Light Shooting Courses

- AR 15 Courses

- Shotgun Employment / Defensive Courses

- Vehicle / Home Defensive Courses

- Precision Rifle / Heavy Carbine Courses

- Combative / Edged Platforms Courses

- Ladies Only Classes

- Mace / Pepper Spray Self Defense Classes

Click Here to get to Christian's website, and a full list of all classes

If you don't see a course listed, just call and ask!