Greetings Fellow Patriots,

                The 2021 Legislative session has begun. There are a lot of changes at the State house and we will need to work very hard this year to protect our Second Amendment Rights. With the Leftist’s new restrictions, the so-called “cleansing” on Facebook and Twitter, we will need to find better ways to get information directly to you the firearm owner and supporter. We are working on and exploring better more dependable information mediums.

There have been many calls and/or request for people to participate in “patriotic” rallies and demonstrations for the upcoming week. If you must go, please do NOT attend these demonstrations with any firearms. After the recent problems at our capital, we are urging our supporters not to attend these rallies as we are receiving information that people will be attempting to cause trouble and violence, which the media will blame us for.   

We must stay strong, vigilant but remain peaceful at all times. Our message immediately gets lost when violence erupts. From your Rhode Island Firearms Team, please stay safe. The Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition, The Federated Sportsmen’s, Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle and the Rhode Island Firearm Owners league.

Proudly at your Service,

Frank Saccoccio
Michael O’Neil


Information is power, and this website will help you find the appropriate information to help you in your defense of the 2nd Amendment.

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The RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

The Coalition has been created as a means for Sporting Clubs and Associations, along with Gun Stores and other Sporting Goods Retailers to work together with everyday citizens on the important work being done to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights which are currently under attack in the Rhode Island General Assembly. We are an inclusive group who welcomes all parties interested in the fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights.  Browse our website and learn about the issues, and how you can help!

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"The beauty of  the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."

-Thomas Jefferson

Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition

A New TEXT-MESSAGE ALERT SYSTEM has been created to alert members of the 2nd Amendment Community when legislation is slated for hearings or votes in the Committees or in the Senate or House. Your private information is 100% confidential and you will receive NOTHING but legislative alerts - this is a SPAM FREE service offered to all so that we will be ready to fight against the Weiner/Bloomberg funded Anti-2nd Amendment Fanatics.

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The Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition wants to thank the entire 2nd Amendment community for contributing to the efforts to stop the encroachment on our 2nd Amendment rights. The outstanding efforts of so many individuals behind the leadership of Michael O'Neil and Frank Saccoccio have made a serious impact on the ability of all Rhode Islanders to enjoy the freedoms protected by our state and federal constitution. Our success over the past 2 years has not gone unnoticed! The National Rifle Association has recognized our outstanding success and thrown their full weight and support behind our efforts, and the efforts of all the dedicated Rhode Islanders who have been fight along side of each other to defend our liberties. This victory is yours as well as it is ours.

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Current 2nd Amendment Bills in the General Assembly

The bills listed below are the current set of firearms related legislation proposals. Check back periodically for updates and be sure to sign up for the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition Email Updates to stay informed up to the minute with news and information.

Yellow  indicates support  by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

Red indicates Opposition by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

TIME: Rise of the House

PLACE: Room 101


(* For *) Bill No.7034 O'Brien, Craven, Millea, Amore, Corvese

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO EDUCATION -- MAINTENANCE OF ORDER ON CAMPUS -- SEE TITLE 16 CHAPTER 97 -- THE RHODE ISLAND BOARD OF EDUCATION ACT {LC3493/1} (Mandates arming campus police at public higher educational institutions and includes campus police in the definition of "law enforcement officer" for the purposes of the "Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights.") 01/09/2020

(* Against *) Bill No.7263 Caldwell, Knight, McEntee, Williams, Craven

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC3539/1}(Bans possession, sale and transfer of assault weapons which are not properly registered.) 01/23/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7264 Caldwell, Knight, Craven, Tobon, McKiernan

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES - WEAPONS {LC3640/1} (Bans large capacity feeding devices for use in firearms.)01/23/2020 Introduced, referred to House Judiciary 03/06/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7327 Tanzi, Speakman, Cassar, Ranglin-Vassell, Ajello

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC3402/1}(Increases the age from eighteen to twenty-one years for lawful possession, sale, or transfer of firearms or ammunition. Full-time law enforcement, state marshals and member of U.S. military would be exempt from these prohibitions.)01/29/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7472 Ranglin-Vassell, Lyle, Lombardi, Hull, Donovan

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC3303/1}(Prohibits schools from offering employment incentives or bonuses to teachers on the condition that the teacher either is or becomes licensed to carry a weapon.)02/06/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7591 Canario, Jacquard, Noret, Johnston, Edwards

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES - WEAPONS {LC4687/1}(Allows law enforcement officers to utilize mufflers, silencers, or other devices for muffling sound of firearm while acting within scope of official duties while training as tactical teams and under supervision of police chief, colonel of state police.)02/13/2020

(* For *) Bill No.7595 Casey, Chippendale, Corvese, Lima, Filippi

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT --DEPARTMENT OF ATTORNEY GENERAL {LC4465/1} (Requires attorney general to issue report of all charges involving a firearm, and if said charges were disposed for that calendar year. Included in report details of firearm.) 02/13/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7633 (Attorney General/Governor) Johnston

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4692/1}(Prohibits obtaining a firearm on behalf of another person if that person is prohibited from possessing a firearm, and would increase the penalties for a second and subsequent purchase of firearms by use of false information.) 02/14/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7715 (Governor/Attorney General) Diaz, Kazarian, Barros, McEntee, Ajello

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4690/1}(Prohibits the possession of firearms on school grounds except for peace officers, retired law enforcement officers, persons under contract to provide school security services, and unloaded firearms in locked containers or a locked rack on motor vehicles.) 02/26/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7716 (Governor/Attorney General) Diaz, Caldwell, Barros, Almeida, Ajello

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4689/1}(Defines rifle and shotgun and makes it unlawful to possess a loaded rifle or shotgun in public subject to various exceptions.) 02/26/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7720 (Governor/Attorney General) Caldwell, Knight, Williams, Blazejewski, Lyle

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4691/1}(Requires firearms to be stored securely when not in use and enhances penalties for failure to store firearms in a secure manner.)02/26/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7741 Noret, Vella-Wilkinson, Corvese, Place, Hawkins

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4612/1}(Create an appeal process in which an applicant for a concealed firearms permit or firearms transfer could appeal to the agency which denied the permit.) 02/26/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7752 Filippi, Roberts, Chippendale, Quattrocchi, Price

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES - WEAPONS {LC4598/1}(Permits the open and concealed carrying of weapons by certain persons in the act of evacuating the area pursuant to an order of the governor or local authority under chapter 15 of title 30.) 02/26/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7756 Place, Quattrocchi, Chippendale, Roberts, Filippi

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4945/1}(Amends the definition of firearms to include taser. Permits any person over the age of eighteen (18) to possess a stun gun. Enacts the review and appeal process of applying for a license to carry with the licensing authority or attorney general.)02/26/2020 Introduced, referred to House Judiciary. 03/06/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7909 Lima, Mattiello, Noret, Solomon, Quattrocchi

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC5131/1}(Provides that any person eighteen (18) years of age who is issued a license may carry a stun gun. It also adds "tasers" to the definition of "firearm." and provides for an appeal process for denial of an application for a permit.) 02/26/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7911 Roberts, Place, Quattrocchi, Chippendale, Price

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO COURTS AND CIVIL PROCEDURE - PROCEDUREGENERALLY - CAUSES OF ACTION {LC5154/1} (Provides for a cause of action against an individual or entity that prohibits the possession of firearms on real property by an individual that is authorized and licensed to carry a firearm.) 02/26/2020

(* Against *) House Bill No.7928 Williams, Millea

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES-WEAPONS {LC4180/1}(Requires person selling firearm to require purchaser execute a medical release form for release of medical records relating to addiction to controlled substance, alcoholism and/or mental health illness for a period of 5 years preceding application.) 02/26/2020

(* For *) House Bill No.7957 (Dept. of Corrections) Canario, Bennett, Casey, Solomon, Johnston

ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS {LC4357/1}(Includes the chief inspector and inspector as those exempt from carrying a firearm without a permit and defines them as peace officers.) 03/04/2020