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​NRA selects the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition
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The Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition wants to thank the entire 2nd Amendment community for contributing to the efforts to stop the encroachment on our 2nd Amendment rights. The outstanding efforts of so many individuals behind the leadership of Michael O'Neil and Frank Saccoccio have made a serious impact on the ability of all Rhode Islanders to enjoy the freedoms protected by our state and federal constitution. Our success over the past 2 years has not gone unnoticed! The National Rifle Association has recognized our outstanding success and thrown their full weight and support behind our efforts, and the efforts of all the dedicated Rhode Islanders who have been fight along side of each other to defend our liberties. This victory is yours as well as it is ours.

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"The beauty of  the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."

-Thomas Jefferson

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Current 2nd Amendment Bills in the General Assembly

The bills listed below are the current set of firearms related legislation proposals. Check back periodically for updates and be sure to sign up for the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition Email Updates to stay informed up to the minute with news and information.

H-1234 - Green indicates support or neutrality by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

H-1234 - Red indicates Opposition by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

H-1234- Blue indicates Caution by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

NOTE: Bills that begin with letter "H" are House bills, and the letter "S" are Senate bills

Description of All Pending Firearm Related Legislation (2018)

H-7075 - (Reps Craven, McEntee, Knight, Carson, and Shekarchi) 
Bump-stock, Trigger-crank ban

H-7112 - (Reps Perez and Ucci) 
CCW Reciprocity

H-7162 - (Reps Casey, Filippi, Craven, Keable, and Lima) 
Directs the attorney general to report annually to the general assembly on the incidence and disposition of crimes involving guns

H-7163 - (Reps Lancia, Handy, Jacquard, and McNamara) 
Bump-stock, Trigger-crank ban

H-7170 - (Reps Bennett, Marshall, Hull, Vella-Wilkinson, and Ajello) 
Requires anyone injured with a firearm or archery equipment while hunting to report such injury to DEM
H-7184 - (Reps Vella-Wilkinson, McNamara, Nardolillo, Edwards, and Ajello) 
Prohibits any person from importing, selling, offering for sale, purchasing, bartering, or possessing with intent to sell, any ivory, ivory product, rhinoceros horn, or rhinoceros horn product

H-7588 - (Reps Canario, McLaughlin, Azzinaro, Edwards, and Johnston) 
Prohibits people from making toy guns look like real guns

H-7591 - (Reps Kazarian, Ajello, Fogarty, Knight, and Hearn)
No Concealed Weapons in Schools

H-7598 - (Reps Diaz, Slater, Maldonado, Cunha, and Tobon) 
Possession of a firearm prohibited by minors

H-7643 - (Reps Johnston and Canario) 
Prohibits straw-purchases

H-7644 - (Reps Slater, Regunberg, Blazejewski, Johnston, and Maldonado) 
Requires CCW permit applicants to undergo a NICS check and provide fingerprints to the FBI

H-7645 - (Reps Regunberg, Knight, Donovan, Ranglin-Vassell, and Kazarian) 
10 Round magazine limit

H-7688 - (Reps Canario, Mattiello, Costantino, Marshall, and Fellela) 
Extreme Risk Protective Orders

H-7714 - (Reps  Marshall, Shekarchi, Diaz, McLaughlin, and Ruggiero) 
Raises age for longarms from 18 to 21

H-7761 - (Reps Tanzi, Ranglin-Vassell, Fogarty, Knight, and Kazarian) 
Raises age for long arms from 18 to 21

H-7762 - (Reps  Ranglin-Vassell, Tanzi, Regunberg, Lombardi, Slater) 
Repeals RI's firearms preemption law

H-7763 - (Ranglin-Vassell, Williams, Tanzi, McEntee, Knight) 
Extreme Risk Protective Orders

H-7766 - (Reps  Knight, Ajello, Tanzi, Blazejewski, Diaz) 
10 Round Magazine Limit

H-7854 - (Rep Phillips) 
Resource Officers in Schools

H-7862 - (Reps McLaughlin) 
Raises age for long arms from 18 to 21

H-7863 - (Reps McLaughlin)

Assault Weapons Ban

H-7889 - (Reps Tanzi, Blazejewski, McEntee) 

Revisions to the Misdemeanor DV Statute

Senate Bills

S-2027 - (Senators Seveney, Coyne, DiPalma, Pearson, and Conley) 
Bump-stock, Trigger-crank ban
S-2134 - (Senators Archambault, Lynch Prata, McCaffrey, Lombardi, and Lombardo)
Directs the attorney general to report annually to the general assembly on the incidence and disposition of crimes involving guns

S-2139 - (Senators Archambault, Lynch Prata, Lombardi, and Lombardo) 
CCW Reciprocity

S-2143 - (Senators Archambault, Lombardi, and Lombardo) 
Comprehensive reform to Concealed Weapons licensing

S-2144 - (Senators Archambault, Lombardi, and Lombardo) 
Suppressor bill

S-2148 - (Senators Ciccone, and Lombardi) 
CCW Reciprocity

S-2271 - (Senators Sheehan, Cote, Calkin, Metts, and Quezada) 
Bump-stock, Trigger-crank ban

S-2274 - (Senators Miller, Goodwin, Metts, Calkin, and Euer) 
Prohibits the transport of long-arms in a vehicle, creates a criminal charge for anyone who provides a firearm to a minor that is later used in a crime

S-2276 - (Senator Metts) 
Possession of a firearm prohibited by minors

S-2289 - (Senators Metts, Goldin, Quezada, Crowley, and Calkin) 
No Concealed Weapons in Schools

S-2292 - (Senators Seveney, Coyne, DiPalma, Pearson, and Conley) 
Bump-stock, Trigger-crank ban

S-2319 - (Senators Goldin, Coyne, Euer, Miller, and Goodwin) 
10 round magazine limit

S-2455 - (Senators Coyne, Seveney, Conley, DiPalma, Euer) 
Eliminates "Shall-Issue" concealed weapons permits

S-2456 - (Senators Goldin, Calkin, Coyne, Miller, Euer) 
NICS and FBI Fingerprints for Concealed Carry Permit

S-2492 - (Senators Goodwin, Ruggerio, McCaffrey, Euer, DiPalma) 
Extreme Risk Protective Orders (Red Flag)

S-2493 - (Senators Miller, Goodwin, Lynch Prata, Coyne, Conley) 
Assault weapons and 10+ magazine ban

S-2606 - (Senators Goodwin) 
Prohibits people from making toy guns look like real guns

S-2615 - (Senators Miller, Goodwin, Lynch Prata, Conley, Satchell) 
Prohibits Straw-purchases

The RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

The Coalition has been created as a means for Sporting Clubs and Associations, along with Gun Stores and other Sporting Goods Retailers to work together with everyday citizens on the important work being done to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights which are currently under attack in the Rhode Island General Assembly. We are an inclusive group who welcomes all parties interested in the fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights.  Browse our website and learn about the issues, and how you can help!

The Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition
Is proud to introduce and welcome our

​Official Training Professional

Christian Pullano

Christian is a Certified NRA Training Counselor - the highest training certification offered by the National Rifle Association and has decades of firearms training experience

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